Payroll Software

Payroll software helps you to operate your business with simplicity in Singapore

Gone are the days when the process of preparing salaries for our employees could start in the final third of the month, so that come payment time the finance department couldn’t be overwhelmed by the payment activities. In this digital era however, a single person behind a computer can accomplish the salary processing in a matter of minutes, thanks to the availability and invention of payroll software.


How payroll software works

A payroll software simply automates the remuneration process of every employee in a company, by accessing relevant data from the company’s database regarding the said employees. In that case, depending on the payroll software used, this system may have to be integrated with other company systems that monitor the operations of the employees. A system such as the Access Control System monitors the time of reporting and the completion of a shift of every employee, thus recording his or her working hours.

The payroll software has various modules that track and record various details of a customer’s performance and activities, which include paid or unpaid leaves, sick-leave offs, and other permitted or unpermitted offs, and any other detail that affects his or her salary. Any deductions or additions that are to be done on a particular subject’s case are calculated automatically and a final report is produced stating the amount of money the employee takes home after the relevant CPF deduction (if any).


Benefits of using payroll software

Salary processing in Singapore just like anywhere else can be costly if done manually. Think of the paperwork to be worked on for every employee in your company, the cost of the stationery and the time that will be spent every end of the month especially if you have plenty of employees in the company. All that hustle is sorted out by this simple-to-use system, such as SimplePay or Talenox payroll software.

In case of changes on remuneration or an employee leaves the company and hiring of new workers is done, all you do is a simple update that’ll help you to avoid erroneous remittance of funds. Fast and easy, that improves efficiency and effectiveness in processing monthly payroll.


Sources of Payroll Software

You can get numerous payroll systems in Singapore if only you search in the right places. Most businesspersons opt for the online version of the system for varying reasons, but you can still purchase an on-site system that you will configure to fit your business requirements.

In the case of an online-based Payroll Software, you have the advantage of keeping your data safe off your premises, and in case of any calamity such as flooding or fire, you will simply restore it after you have recovered from the setback. For an online system, you need to choose a service provider with the best systems, particularly the serve, which is the determinant of the speed at which you will be accessing your done and doing your operations.

You can also call a programmer to your premises to do a survey, so that he or she can design a software that meets your needs perfectly. You can tweak the online shareware software but it won’t be as perfect as the one designed from scratch by the designer, based on the company data he or she will collect in the survey.

The cost of your payroll software will also be a significant factor, and hence you have to research on the most affordable sources in Singapore and online too, before you settle on your final option. Don’t compromise quality of the system with affordability, you need a software that will serve you as expected. In the event that you want to get a professional firm to provide you with payroll services instead of doing it yourself with a payroll software, J Accounting Services can assist you with it. Moreover, if J Accounting are doing your company’s accounts as well, then you can sit back and relax as the accounting entries aspect of your payroll will be taken care of too.

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