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Monthly Rate:


Quarterly Rate:


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Refundable Security Deposit:



Rates are applicable for Clients under A.I XERO Retainer Package (Updated Books) & in Compliance with ACRA and IRAS (Updated Filing).

Everything (including Deposit) will DOUBLE for all other Situations.

Appoint your Singapore Nominee Director Now

Singapore Nominee Director Services provided by J Accounting 

J Accounting will appoint one of our qualified accountant to act as your local nominee director under the following conditions:

  • Service offered is strictly for statutory compliance;
  • Nominee director will not be involved in any operations, management or financial aspects of your company;
  • One or more natural individual must be appointed as your company directors who will be responsible for overseeing and running of your company;
  • Satisfy our initial and ongoing KYC (knowing your client) requirements;
  • Execute our Nominee Director indemnity agreement; and
  • Any time that you request our nominee director to resign, you must inform us and find a replacement who fulfill the statutory requirement

Do note that a refundable security deposit will be collected before the provision of our Singapore nominee director services. This full solid amount will be refunded to you when you cease our nominee director service and we step down as your nominee director. There must also be no liability for the period covered by the nominee director.

Let us Be your Singapore Nominee Director

Having Nominee Director make business registration in Singapore easy!

According to legal requirements by Singapore law office, entrepreneurs who wish to register a local limited company must have at a minimum of one resident Director who meet one of the following criteria:

  • Singaporean Citizen
  • Singapore Permanent Resident
  • Singapore Work Pass Visa, such as Employment Pass, Entrepass or Dependent Pass Holder with a Residential Address in Singapore

If you do meet any of these criteria listed above, the Government will not allow the formation and incorporation of your business in Singapore and this only mean that you will be left behind in the business world. Fortunately, having a Singapore Nominee Director allows you to overcome this problem.

Contact J Accounting for Nominee Director Services

Why choose J Accounting Services?

At J Accounting, our understanding of this principle only means that you will be supported in every way needed for you to carry out your business operations for your Singapore private limited company.

You can rely on us as your one stop provider in all other business needs, enjoying the convenience and flexible of running your business while pocketing all those profits.

Appoint J Accounting as your Singapore Nominee Director now!

Other important aspects for you to consider when looking for nominee director services in Singapore?

Role of Nominee Director

Be assured that firms providing nominee directors will not have any power over any financial aspect of your corporate entity at all. Although a nominee director has rights, duties and liability as a director, the representative services provided are just that, nominee and nothing more. That means that they do not contribute to the running of your company matters in term of working in your operational business, apply for bank account, signing off yearly accounts to the Singapore authority etc. Having only a Singapore nominee director alone is definitely not sufficient in ensuring your business success.

Pre signed and undated letter of resignation

This is very important. The firm offering the nominee packages should also have in place a pre-signed and undated letter of resignation. This will come into use at such a time as when you as the real owners and shareholders of the company may feel that you need to take over the full role of directors in the company thus protecting your interest.

The power of attorney

This means that you are granted the powers to run and oversee all the activities of the company and not the nominee. As such, only you will be able to open, manage and even close the accounts of the business.

Nominee director agreement

This is very important since the nominee director is supposed to do the will of you as his appointer on the board. Therefore the de jure director will have to sign an agreement to the effect that come what may, he/she will not go contrary to the wishes of the appointer, even if it is in matters to do with annual voting.

Fees involved

If you are willing to pay for the nominee services in Singapore, then you will ask how much money you should expect to pay. Well, this depends on the firm offering the services and actually, there may be other conditions that you may be expected to meet. For example, you may be required to make a refundable deposit of a certain amount, make monthly payments, and must show that your company has been audited by a firm in Singapore. As for J Accounting Services, our nominee director services starts from $1,800 nett per year. Price varies depending on the level of risk involved.

Running business in Singapore is never so easy before, use the button below to contact us if you need a Singapore nominee director for your local company

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