These are some of our Taxation Services:

  • Company Tax Preparation & Filing – Exclude Estimated Chargeable Income (ECI) Rates @ $600 Per Year
  • Estimated Chargeable Income (ECI) Rates @ $300 Per Year
  • Personal Tax Computation & Lodgment via a Consultation Your Investment @ $300 Per Year

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Being Tax Efficient is one of the Key to Success in any Businesses, Big or Small

Why you need Singapore Taxation Services?

The Fact:

Taxation is a  very complex matter. You may not have the necessary skill sets and expertise in this area. As you may know, when done in the wrong way, this could lead to dire consequences both for you and your entity.

  • Have you heard about the existing economic and tax incentives in Singapore such as the Productivity and Innovation Credit, where this is implemented to encourage the development of new start-ups?
  • How about if you are an existing businesses? Would these then be applicable to your business and if so, do you know exactly how to utilize them?
  • Are you aware of the exemption and the relevant tax rates to be used? How about if you have a subsidiary in another country such as China, Hong Kong, India, Australia, Korea, Canada etc?
  • There are so many tax rules and regulations coming one after another year after year. It is crucial for one to stay up to date and be relevant to these tax changes.
  • Would you have the sufficient knowledge and expertise to do the necessary taxation works? For example, are you even aware how much of your income is taxable?
  • Would you know how to stretch your dollar and perform the appropriate tax planning works?
  • As an entrepreneur, would you rather spend your time doing your own taxation works than to plan for increase growth and expansion of your business?
  • What about the Goods and Services Tax – are you aware which is more beneficial for you – i.e. to register as a GST trader, or should you register voluntarily, or not register at all?

Well, if any of your answer above is “no”, then you need support and help with taxation. This may include consulting and advisory on tax matters as well.

The Significance Of Taxation Planning

Tax planning is applicable whether you are a personal individual or a business. This is an area that you should think about during the course of business plans and setup.

Did you know that quality tax planning allows you to save and minimize tax in the legal way?

Well, if you are an owner-operated businesses where you are owners or shareholder as well as the director and person managing and running the firm, then tax planning is all the more beneficial for you.

How Singapore Taxation Services Benefit You?

  • You can now enjoy the peace of mind that you will not land yourself into trouble.
  • You will be legally compliant to the requirements laid down by the authorities of Singapore. Compliance is key.
  • Fines and penalties would be avoided.

In the world of this current competitive market, only entities with a strong and stable foundation can achieve sustainable growth.

Well, there is a vital need to mitigate the current inefficiencies and risks faced by the companies of today.

Taxation is crucial in any business enterprises. Whether your firm is big or small, you still need to pay tax on your taxable profits to the Inland Revenue Authority of Singapore (“IRAS”).

Preparing your tax computations and annual tax returns in the right manner and meeting the tax filing deadline is also critical. This saves you time and money. Any attempt to evade tax will be dealt seriously by IRAS.

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