Cloud Based Accounting Software Singapore

The Advantages of Cloud Based Accounting Software in Singapore

Cloud based accounting software offers many benefits to the big, medium and small businesses anywhere in the world. However, no other places like Singapore where these benefits are enjoyed on a day-to day basis. You see, Singapore is the biggest and most business-friendly hub in Southeast Asia and therefore there are so many businesses there.

If you are a businessperson, then you know that accounting or bookkeeping is the life and blood of any business. It is very much of a necessity than a choice. The process takes a lot of time and energy that would be channelled to other operations of the business. It is a very daunting challenge to keep track of every transaction that takes place in your organization. This can prove even more difficult where the enterprise experiences erratic cash flow. Having reliable cloud based accounting software will spare you such frustrations.

Some reasons why you should consider switching to cloud based accounting

  • Easy to use – If you have been using troublesome accounting software that is only loaded on one computer, you will certainly find a cloud based accounting software to be very user-friendly. Processes that could only be handled with a certain degree of accounting knowhow can now be addressed by just anybody in the organization. All that people need is login details to the system.
  • Economies of scale – You do not have to pay for updates. You will enjoy automatic updates. This also comes with a large server to store all the data. Thankfully, you do not have to worry about updates and upgrades if the vendor offers managed cloud systems for accounting.
  • Security – Financial information is very sensitive in any organization. Any leakage can be dangerous to the company and in some cases, it may chase away some loyal customers. With cloud based accounting software, you can be assured that your data is safe and secure.
  • Allows flexibility – As opposed to other conventional accounting software that can only be operated in the office, cloud accounting enables you to handle your accounting functions from any place as long as there is internet. You can even access your books of account from your smartphone.
  • Only pay for what you use – Unlike other traditional software, you only pay for what is necessary for your organization. As long as you pay your monthly subscription, it will be available for you to use any time you want. Thanks to scalability, you can buy more when you need more, with the growth of your business of course.
  • User-friendly interface – Most of the cloud based accounting software have very friendly interface. Feature-full, drop down menus with everything packed onto the home page, you do not need to do much learning to use the software.
  • Get all the answers in real time – In cloud accounting, there is a pool of knowledge developed by the users’ community. You can access it anytime you have a bothering query about the application. Chances are that somebody within the community has an answer for your question. In addition, look for cloud accounting software that comes with 24-hour customer support.


Choosing the right Singapore online accounting software

It is very important that you go for the paid-for systems. There are free ones of course, but for the best, you must pay a price, and that is the nature of business. No matter how small your business is, cloud based accounting software is an excellent tool that gives you an extra edge on your competition. Note that if you are not using it, your competitors are already using it. You do not have to search any further than the Xero cloud based accounting software. This one gives you a real time account of your accounts. You can access it via android, Mac, PC or tablet. You can control the flow of money while you are on the go.

At J Accounting Services, we have Xero accounting packages customized to meet your individual business needs. These accounting package are suitable for company management as well as company compliance purpose. The best part of it all is that it is suitable for all businesses, regardless of whether you are a new startup company or an established company in Singapore. To learn more about our services and the Xero accounting packages that we offer, do check us out!

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