Nominee Shareholder for Singapore Company

What are Nominee Shareholders?


A nominee shareholder is one that is appointed to hold shares on behalf of the appointers. As per the Companies Act, all Private Limited companies in Singapore must have at least one shareholder, regardless whether the member is an individual or a corporation.

The good news is that a shareholder need not be a Singapore resident as compare to a company director or secretary.


Benefits of having a Singapore Nominee Shareholder for your company


If you are incorporating your Singapore company and you want to remain anonymous for the purpose of full privacy, then a nominee shareholder will best suit your needs.

Under the business profile under ACRA, your full particular is available for purchase for anyone, such as your competitors. Therefore, having nominee shareholders will overcome this problem since their name will be on the register of shareholder under your company profile.


Why J Accounting Services as your Nominee Shareholder in Singapore?


As a registered professional firm under ACRA, it only means that you will have a peace of mind in using our nominee shareholder services since we follow strictly to the regulation and document all written agreement for you.

In this case, you would be given a signed, undated transfer form so that you can transfer the shares to your name at any date in future. In addition, you will get a declaration of trust in which we will hold shares on behalf of you as the beneficial owner.

Being your Singapore Nominee Shareholder, you can be rest assured that your privacy is secured and maintained.


Let J Accounting be your Nominee Shareholder


Singapore Nominee Shareholder – Things for You to Know


A nominee shareholder is not the rightful and legal owner of the shares.

These shares that are held in trust shall be return to you as the beneficial owner either when you choose to terminate our services or when you give us written permission to transfer to another party.

In addition, all income and capital gains such as dividends and rise in share prices respectively on shares held in trust are belonged to you as the beneficial owner.


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