CorpSec, J Accounting & Robot (Collectively refer as “Business”): Strategic Objective


The Strategic Objective (SO) of the business is the basis for all decision making. It give clarity of why we do what we do, provide the framework to be discipline in how we function and ensure consistency in what we produce as a result. By following the SO faithfully, we will create an environment where everyone feel safe known as the Circle of Safety. The naturally results are growth and success for both individuals and the Business. To keep it simple, the SO is limited to a page length. We may modify it over the years, but its fundamentals and what we believe in at its core will always remain the same.

There are two Beliefs of why the Business exist which complement one another:

  1. To help people to live their dreams so that they can enjoy a more fulfilling life. – Isaac
  2. To take care of others so that they can live a life with fewer worries.. – Rebekah

The results of (1) are the Products and Education Line of the business. Products include a Suite of Cloud Based Software as a Services (SAAS) such as Xero, Talenox, Receipt Bank and Training. Education include Online Learning Academy Portal and Physical Classroom Training on Demand. – Robot

The results of (2) are the Services and Support Line of the business. These include Compliance Accounting, Corporate Taxation, Company Secretarial Work, Business Registration, Company Incorporation, Nominee Directorship, Registered Office Address, Payroll and Human Resources, Good and Services Tax (GST), Bookkeeping and Advisory. – J Accounting & CorpSec

Our fundamental strategy for the operation of the Business is to continuously work the system (The Sequence of Events that lead to a Result) to Perfection… Generally 98% Standard as the extra 2% is not worth the time and effort.

The Business MUST follow the Strategic Objective, Operating Principles and the Collection of Working Procedures. These are our guiding documents.

The operational framework of the guiding documentation is rigid and must be always be comply with. At the same time, when an improvement can be made, we will modify it instantly.

The Business environment is safe and relax. It is designed to help us get outside the comfort zone to grow. Milestones are set which monitor progress and keep us on track. Public recognitions are important and credits are given to those who earn it. We practice the culture of helping one another without expecting anything in return. Greeting are done using a handshake. We believe in Abundance, that there are always more than enough for everyone and we strive to make that happen. The philosophy of the Business is One for All, All for One.

Team members have location and time freedom as long as the work get done within the deadline. They will be at their most comfortable style, attire and frame of mind. The natural consequence is great quality to the customers. Ideally, majority of the team members should be working on the cloud.

We rely heavily on cloud based softwares and equipments that promote efficiency and productivity. These softwares must have apps that can be access on the move. Real time collaboration via the software is the key consideration for all our team members. All softwares and equipments will have backup to ensure data protection. Likewise, every personnel in the Business have human backup too.

Competitive Advantages include multiple high ranking websites on the Search Engine Result Page (SERP), hyper efficient systems in place and our team of loyal members.

Physically meeting are always done at our office at A’Posh Bizhub. We do not go down to either prospect or client office. Most yearly bookkeeping and accounting work are done with soft copies. We do not do yearly data entries of hard copies for clients since the labour effort required for such work is 365 times of a day work. The only exception are that we are paid in which most cases the clients cannot afford our rate.

Target markets include people who have dream regardless of size and/or unmet needs that require someone help.

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