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Payroll Services in Singapore – Better Outsourced Than In-house

There are many reasons why payroll services are better outsourced than handled in the house. Running everything in-house will only increase the cost of operating a business and you sure want to lower that as much as possible. The most important question to ask here is; just how many hours will your employees devote to the distribution of checks, the creation of the payroll and the execution of the other related duties and then ask yourself whether the kind of money you pay this employee every month is really worth it. You should put them onto other tasks and outsource the payroll services.


Why outsource your Payroll to J Accounting Services?

  • Your payroll processing matters will be done using a payroll system that is highly customized and that is only unique to your company. No two business organizations are alike and therefore you need an automation system that is specific to your business needs only.
  • Systems that are in compliance to Singapore labour laws, such as CPF, SDL, and statutory donations. We offer electronic submissions to CPF board as well.
  • You will be sent an updated report of your payroll as often as possible. This report includes detail such as basic salary, sales commission, bonus, overtime hours, claims and deductions, amnual leave (including leaves balance), etc. With these updates, you do not have to worry about following up. J Accounting Services will always keep in contact with you.  Hence, you can be sure that all your employees are paid on time.
  • Did you know that even though you outsource the payroll services, no payment will be executed until you give the authority to do so. Therefore, you still have the upper hand in the payments matter, for example via cash, cheque, bank GIRO etc.
  • As the client, you can decide to do one of two things here: First, you can decide to get the prepared payroll and do the disbursement of funds on your own, or you can deposit funds with J Accounting Services and they will disburse the funds for you.
  • End of the year processes can be tough and time consuming. Benefits in kind have to be prepared in relation to salaries, filing for taxes (including preparation of IR8A form, IR8S forms, Appendix 8A and Appendix 8B) and so forth. If you have an arrangement with the J Accounting Services, you can have a peace of mind as we can do that for you.
  • J Accounting Services is a one-stop solution and hub for many companies. There are other complementary services provided as well, such as accounting services, taxation services, company secretarial services etc.

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The Importance of Payroll Solutions to a Company

Any business is only as good as the people that work there. Therefore, they have to be paid on time. Managing these people will be crucial to the success of your business and if they are mismanaged, then chances are that there will be little or no chances of success at all. Identifying the training needs, the remuneration as well as the benefits that all employees are due is labor intensive and therefore you will need to allocate a lot of manpower to the task. However, with the urge and the need to cut the business operational costs, that may not be possible! There is a better solution to that and that is to outsource some of the services, like payroll preparation and processing to professional Singapore accounting firm like J Accounting Services.

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Singapore Payroll Services – Important things to take note:

  • Most accounting firm that offers you the payroll services in Singapore may not make payments on behalf of the company.
  • The accounting firm will not place people to work in your offices. The entire processing of the payroll will be done in their outsourced offices and centers only.
  • There are some companies that will advise the company on retirement, recruitment or retrenchment on top of processing the payroll.
  • Before you outsource the payroll processing to a third party company or freelancer in Singapore, it is important to set things clear on day one. What will they do and what will it not do? For example, do you know that customization of the payroll will be handled as a different project? Ask as many questions as you can before hiring that person-in-charge or the accounting firm.

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