Are you an Admin Superstar?


…Super Mums Wanted!


Do you want to help make the world a better place to live in?

Do you believe that life need a little more fulfilment?

Do you feel that life is better with fewer worries?

If so – I might want to meet you.


YES – this is a legitimate job (Self-Employed) posting 🙂

Hi, my name is Isaac Chung.

Everyday, I wake up to find ways to help people live their dreams. I create workflows, checklists and procedures, combined with readily available cloud software that they can use to help free up their time so that they can do the things they love and feeling fulfilled by the things they do because of the positive impacts their works have on others.

But I cannot do it alone given my limited resources. I own three growing businesses and need some administrative support – hopefully you can help!

Before you read any further, YES I’m a real person… and I am helping my Partner, Rebekah Live her Dream. If you’d like more info about her, Visit my website to read about her:

I’ve engaged Mums before and it’s been very successful for everyone.

OK – now you know I’m a legitimate business owner. Even though you’re finding me on the internet (which might have a bad reputation in your mind), I hope you can see I’ve got a real business, with real human beings as clients and customers. Let’s dig in…



1) You Suit Our Style of Online work

You’re based in Singapore

English is your first language, you’re good at written and spoken English.

You’re tech-comfortable. If you can navigate Google, Facebook, WhatsApp, Skype and Websites easily, you’ve got enough internet chops to work with us.

You’ve got a Local Telephone, Computer with Microsoft Office installed and reliable high-speed internet connection with reliable electricity.


2) You Love to Monitor and follow Checklists

If you give your Husband checklists and monitor his progress, you’ll love working with us!

Our whole business is quite structured.

Everything runs on checklists, guidelines and procedures.

Everything is organized within Project Management software.


3) You Really Enjoy Admin Support

If you’re someone who loves to coordinate, this job might be for you.

I’m looking for someone who is independent and meticulous to handle administrative tasks such as on-boarding clients, checking if documents are in order, following up with clients and coordination of information.

I’m hoping you can also help with miscellaneous work such as cleaning up folders, maintaining database and any other admin duties assigned. Of course, full training will be provided.

I’m also hoping you’ll help create checklists (and follow them too) so we can keep quality really high on everything we do. Again, training will be provided on how we setup our checklists.



Most of your role can be done any time(s) of day, any day(s) of the week. I’ll give you a task and a deadline; when you work on it is completely up to you.

This means you can be with your baby when (s)he’s awake, feed them whenever you’re called into action, and even watch your baby anytime you need to.

Baby getting a little cranky or sick and you need to throw your “Dr. Mum” hat on for 20 mins? No problem – work can wait 🙂



My main team member, Chingny *LOVES* how structured our company is.

Because everything is in checklists and procedures, she always knows what’s expected of her. It’s easy to learn and execute tasks because everything is so step-by-step, just like a good recipe!

She knows what success looks like. Tasks are predictable.

And it’s easy to start and stop tasks (anytime she needs to switch into Mum-mode) because everything is clearly explained in our written procedures, and everything is clearly tracked in our Project Management software.

She just makes a note of where she stops, then picks up from that (clearly defined!) spot once she comes back.

Note: If you’re a super free-spirited person, dislike structure / authority, and/or you prefer clutter to order (just look at your desk right now), this position probably won’t work for you. Loving to follow *and* create checklists is crucial for this role.



Timeline: starting as soon as I find someone qualified. Next few weeks would be nice, although I don’t need to rush.

Location: 99% Remote (Work from anywhere including your Home).  All you need is a Computer and Internet Connection.

During Probation

Hours: 20 to 40 hours per week. 100 Training hours (approx ~ 1 to 2 months) OR Case by case evaluation & assessment on Traits + Competencies.

Pay: SGD 10 per hour during the probation period. (Approx ~ Monthly Rate of SGD 1,906 to SGD 2,350 based on 44 hours work week).

After Probation

Hours: Up to 44 hours per week.

Pay Milestone:

SGD 12 per hour (Approx ~ Monthly Rate of SGD 2,288 to SGD 2,820 based on 44 hours work week)

SGD 15 per hour (Approx ~ Monthly Rate of SGD 2,860 to SGD 3,525 based on 44 hours work week)

SGD 20 per hour (Approx ~ Monthly Rate of SGD 3,813 to SGD 4,700 based on 44 hours work week)

SGD 25 per hour (Approx ~ Monthly Rate of SGD 4,766 to SGD 5,875 based on 44 hours work week)



When I used to work in an office job, I have been spending a lot of time and money commuting to work and back home. Not to mention the stress faced daily of rushing with the crowd, packing yourself in the MRT and/or Bus while standing throughout the journey. Personally, I don’t drive to work but if you do, the monthly season parking fee and the morning / evening traffic condition is enough to bite you hard.

What I also realized is that I am only paid for the time I spent working when I am in the office during official working hours and NOT the time spent travelling back and forth or working overtime. With only 24 hours a day available, I ended up with very little time to spend with my wife and that is NOT healthy.

I believe working Mums are honest, hardworking and loyal and it is my dream to provide them with a stable income and flexible working hours so that they can have work-life balance to spend their time with their kid(s) while being rewarded for the efficient hours they worked.

Note: This is no place for someone who is lying, lazy and/or traitorous. If I ever find out that there is someone in my Team who exhibits such traits, then I will show no mercy and I will fire her.




In the subject line please write “Slightly OCD Mum from (insert your town) interested in Admin Job”

In the body, please write me a 15-sentence email including:

Three sentence opening salutation that says: “Hey there IC, what’s happening up in Singapore? My name is _____, I’m slightly OCD, am comfortable with technology, and love checklists. I’d like to apply for the job you posted on Admin Superstar.

Reason #1 why you think this job is a fit for you. (Black font, Sans Serif typeface, 3 sentences)

Reason #2 why you think this job is a fit for you (Blue font, Serif typeface, 3 sentences)

Reason #3 why you think this job is a fit for you (Red font, Sans Serif typeface, 3 sentences)

Three sentence closing including: Three Guidelines in Bold out of the 37 you saw on the website ( with elaboration explaining its meaning in your own words that you feel connected with yourself, and a closing salutation including your name, email address, and phone number.

Note: Please do NOT attach a resume; if you are shortlisted I may ask for one later.

Thanks! I know the *right* applicant will really like this job. Maybe it’s you!

Isaac 🙂

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