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Tax planning is a strategy used by businesses in order to reduce their tax liability. However, given the the Inland Revenue Authority of Singapore (“IRAS”) authoritative scrutiny of companies for corporate tax compliance, this strategy is becoming much more complex.

Paying taxes is compulsory for all persons and businesses in Singapore. There are various types of taxes such as income tax which is levied on individuals and companies, property tax which is paid by rental owners depending on the amount of rent they get, goods and services tax (GST) which is levied on all goods and services among other taxes.

Therefore, it is important to engage tax professionals to avoid the risk of making silly mistakes in meeting the tax requirements.


Why choose J Accounting Services?

  • Tax professionals that extensive knowledge and experience with Taxation in Singapore. This give you the confident of getting value and insight towards tax planning
  • Ensuring your tax returns are submitted to the regulatory Authorities punctually which free you from the worries of late submission
  • Being well versed in the updated tax practices and regulations which mean that you can be assured of the quality in our planning of your business taxes


Our list of Tax Planning Services


The following are the list of advisory services offer but not exhaustive:

  • Re-structuring remuneration packages of Directors and salaried Employees to optimise tax efficiencies
  • Maximising deductible expenses incurred during the course of your business
  • Capitalising on personal tax reliefs, balancing between personal and corporate tax rates
  • Other advisory matters


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Are you crossing the line while doing Tax Planning in Singapore?


Business  must pay  taxes on its profits. For a company with profit of up to S$300,000 after 3 years of full exemption, the effective corporate tax rate is approximately 8.5%. However, company that is making profits of above S$300,000 pay taxes at the rate of 17% for the different in amount beyond.

Many companies aims at reducing the amount of taxes they will pay by using legal ways and that is the only way you should do it. Organization of financial affairs is important in a company and is one of the many legal ways to reduce the amount of taxes it pays from its profits.

This is different from tax evasion in which case a company does not pay or underpay their taxes to IRAS.


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